HEPA FILTERS & SUPER HEPA FILTERS (Absolute Filters) (EU 11 & EU 13)

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters are the most efficient air filters commercially available.

Fine Airsys Hepa Filters are built into 18 guage Aluminium SS construction also known as absolute filters with eceptionally high efficiency .7 or . down to 0. Microns. Hepa Filters are generally tested by Hot DP (Dioctyl Pthelite) Test or PA Test (Poly Alpha lefin) as per MIL STD 282. Glass fiber paper media separated by piece of corrugated material generally used Aluminium to keep resistance media velocity. The filters pack separators are sealed with fire retardant Polyeurathene Sealants. hen dry hardened providing positive seal for leakage. Also tightened. Super Hepa .7 down to 0. filters are same built as conventional filters but having doubled the capacity with same initial pressure drop.

We also manufacture E 8 E filters i.e. 50 65 Semi Hepa respectively

- Application:

A must use in pharmaceutical biotech industries semi conductors manufactures hospitals and laboratories. The filter can also be used in Laminar ow applications.