- Construction:

Fine Airsys Microvee Filters are built into either 18 Guage Aluminium / SS304 GI Construction.The filter are washable filter.

- Application:

The Microvee Filters are generally used in in Industrial and Pharmaceutical application in criticle areas where relatively dust free air is required and it acts as a prefilter prior to Absolute (HEPA) filters and can be easily mounted in the handling units or banks.

- Testing:

The Microvee Filters are randomly tested as per Ashrae 52.2 Synthetic Dust Load and Dust Spot procedures Efficiency test with Air Velocities and Static Pressure drops are measured at our premisis on the TESTING

Following are our EU Grade 5 and EU Grade 6 Standard Microvee Filters Sizes and Capacities:
Flange Type or Box Type
Fine Filter Chart
Fine Filter Chart
Note: High temp filter upto 500℃ also available*