Fine Airsys ombi Filter is a combination of pre and fine filter. The fabrication of filter frame is a dual one, which houses both pre filter and fine filter.

- Filter edia and construction:

Media type: Synthetic Media for both filters sandwitched between two layers of HDPE media.

Frame: Aluminium SS.

Media edge sealing: Ultrasonically welded either press type or stitch type and regular stitching.

Construction: box type / flange type Leak proof.

- Salient Features:
  • The filter can be constructed in such a way that pre filter of G3 G4 and supported by a fine filter of F5 F9.
  • Very good temperature withstanding capability up to 100 and relative humidity of close to 100.
- Main Adantages:
  • Filters can be used for various applications, where pre and fine filters are separately used.
  • Environment friendly construction.


Reducing airborne bacteria in the operating theatre is a vital key to a successful surgery.

Now you can cut dramatically the incidence of deep sepsis in orthopaedic surgery, with similar benefits in such fields as neurosurgery and ophthalmology.

peration Theatre Modules provides obvious health and financial benefits to your patient and the hospital. The Module is easily retrofied to the ceiling or within the ceiling void of existing operating theatres.

A controlled column of ultra clean air is delivered down over operating table, your surgical team and their euipment. It then moves radically outwards and up to the return air intakes.

lean Air is delivered through HEPA filters fixed in the plenum. SS 304 perforated sheet is provided under the HEPA Filters.